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Save Our Shakespeare - Give to Help the SL resident-funded  resident-supported Metaverse Shakespeare Company bring Shakespeare and theatre to Second Life via live performances and historical island creations.
The costs of paying tier to Linden Lab is no longer within our capabilities. We are asking for your help, for our survival - in raising enough funds to pay for our Shakespeare and sLiterary island sim, so that we can continue to bring you the Metaverse Shakespeare Magic, to share Shakespeare with the world...

Do you believe in what we are trying to do?
“To create a good within Second Life, not to take funds out like other charities, but to plant the seeds—here—for the world to thrive from...”

In 2010, so far, we have established a change in branding from SL Shakespeare Company to Metaverse Shakespeare Company, and launched the long-awaited open-ended run of Twelfth Night, Act 2.

In 2009, we launched an open-ended run of a Shakespearean play - Twelfth Night, Act 1, and worked on outreach with both SL networks like (koinup and ning and SLCC) and RL organizations (NAST, VWBPE, TED), and also paper presentations at TPP, ASTR, SAA, BSA, and RSA. We also grand-opened a new theatre -- the most complete construction of the Blackfriar Theatre in the world; we have created both the original monastery building that the theatre was set in, as well as the conjectural interior, and, at this location, gave another try at putting on an historically-accurate Elizabethan production of Twelfth Night, Actus Primus, Scoena Tertia--complete with stubble-shade eunuch for Maria.

In 2008, we produced and performed five major live theatrical shows on Second Life—each one a legend, each one extravagant and innovating pushing this nascent medium forward. In addition, on Winter Solstice 2008, we launched the world's first Shakespeare on Ice event.

But, despite all we have done, we have never received any external funding; we are completely self-funded, resident-supported, and powered by your excitement and belief in us...

Testimonials—from SL Names You May Know...

“Ina Centaur, Enniv Zarf and the rest have worked tirelessly to bring the works of Shakespeare to as wide an audience as possible through the medium of an immersive theatre experience in SL. They have made it possible for many people who have no local access to such live productions to experience Shakespeare in this amazing venue in SL.”
—Fauve Aeon, Ardentia Ars
“Shame on me for not coming earlier... This is impressive!”
—Kriss Lehmann, Botanicals at Straylight
“What [the SLSC] is doing here is freaking amazing. Not only is the SL Shakespeare Company producing creditable theatre, but doing so in the best Shakespearian and broader Elizabethan traditions: applying ambitious new technology, eschewing the austere in favor of honest spectacle, and manifesting interpretations of the Bard that live, that entertain, and that viscerally involve the audience. They deserve the full attention and support both of those who care about this vital literature, and about the future of the arts in virtual reality.”
—John Zhaoying, Dr Dobbs / CMP
“There indeed are more things in the Metaverse than I ever dreamt of in my philosophy. SL Shakespeare Theatre being one of them. Enchanting and essential!”
—Eshi Otawara, Artist
“Historic moment in the evolution of mankind. We have, as a species, performed in collaboration entirely composed as electrons for a multinational audience.”
—Tree Kyomoon
“We are truly what we say we are—a group of thespians and other professionals dedicated to our craft, bound together by Shakespeare, and way-too-excited to wait for outside funding before beginning something truly spectacular within the virtual world of Second Life. Furthermore, beyond the fact that we are trying to be Shakespeare’s analogue in live virtual theatre (the man was the foundation of modern theatre; we aim to establish the foundation of virtual theatre), we are also trying to create good within and for the audience of a virtual world that has more often been associated with the bad. In turn, though the money would be raised to create the good within, we believe this good will flow out of Second Life through the positive impact of the experience we create.”
—Ina Centaur, Artistic Director
Right now, we are in dire need of your help... so that we can keep our home, the 4-sim SL Globe Theatre, which is also home to these notable literary and artistic endeavors:

Primtings is a sim-sized “primmed paintings” museum. It showcases prim recreations and extension of famous 2d paintings. Its goal is inspired by the famous William Saroyan quote, “The role of art is to make a world which can be inhabited.” A primting is often more than just a replica—it is an interactive exploration of a famous piece of RL art brought to life in the form of 3d prims. This can take on various different forms, such as a 3d interpretation or extension of a famous RL artwork or... In its most awesome extent, you can walk into it - as in the Primtings Microcosm. Please feel free to visit us, google us, or visit this site for a brief overview and direct SLurl to some ready-Primtings (to come are Sistine Chapels and Mona Lisa and more):

Shakespeare is an entire island simulator dedicated to architecture prominent in Shakespeare's lifetime due to open in December 2008. Planned inclusion: Mary Arden's House (Palmer Farm), Arden woods, Anne Hathaway's House, Shakespeare's Birthplace, Nash House, (conjectural) New Place, Garrick's Inn, Harvard House, and “Mistress Mall" (based on the reference from Twelfth Night), a Shakespearean Marketplace (with conjectural Elizabethan-era stores, such as “One True Apothecary,” “Shylock's”, ”The Mermaid Tavern” and more!). The SLSC Academy of Performing Arts has its main campus and lecture halls on the sim; the new SL home of the Virtual Shakespeare Consortium is also tentatively there. The sim hosts "La Performance," the new modern dance company on Second Life. The island sim also includes the SL Globe Theatre Stage and Thames River Courtyard.

sLiterary is dedicated to furthering literary and artistic endeavors in virtual worlds. Since launching sLiterary Magazine in 2006, it has helped establish "metaverse fiction" as a vibrant literary genre. The sLiterary Music Events series in early 2007 launched the SL careers of many musicians, connecting writing and the arts with music; sLiterary was also the first to hold poetry slams in Second Life, in addition to many other literary and arts events. In addition to the Robert Jordan Dragonmount Memorial, the sLiterary headquarters have also hosted several prominent live author interviews of many bestselling authors (in RL), and has been a SL base for RL global writing and arts activism events like NaNoWriMo (since 2006), and Drawing Day (since its inception in 2008). The sim hosts original builds: the sLiterary Art & Writing Gallery (sLiterary AWG), the sLiterary Events Center (sEC), the Anodos Writing Retreats, a Sinclair Lewis Main Street, and also a collection of sLiterary Magazine dispenser sculptures. The main entry point of the SL Globe Theatre is in sLiterary, which was its historic home for over a year before the Globe expanded into 4 island sims.

In addition, these sims also hosted several major RFL events, including the RFL Prom and the RFL Grand Finale Fashion Show ("Historic 100% All RFL") & Vendor Fair—events that raised millions of $L for RFL, and also helped to publicize this landmark RFL auction.

Please do not let these sims fade away and die! Please help us.

“Great things like this don’t happen very often. We are trying to raise a very small amount of money (only about USD$5000)—and not keeping any of it; all will go towards paying tier to Linden Lab for the sims so we can continue our endeavors. The RL granting agencies and investors do not see a potential for the arts like this to thrive on SL—they are fettered with the belief that Second Life is limited to ‘sex, gambling, and rampant materialism’... so we can only ask you—the residents of Second Life—for help.

“You are our last hope. If you can't help us, then I'm afraid to say we are truly lost.”

—Ina Centaur, Director, Artist, and-too-often her own patron

Save Our Sims - Primtings, Shakespeare, sLiterary